Free book by Danah Boyd

I have admired Danah for years with the amount of work she as put into understanding social media and how young people engage with it. She has done some great work! Now she has published a free book. I haven’t read it yet, but I think it should be good as I’ve read a significant number of her research papers.

I will write more, a review, once I’ve read the book, but I would expect that a target audience of teachers, parents, and us all as a matter of fact for this type of material.

Measuring influence

One of the tweets I received at @virtualshadows was from ‏@rushkoff an article on how to find the world’s most influential thinkers. I was intrigued by this because the subject of my MBA thesis was on finding the ‘influencers’ within an organization. They normally were not the managers, or those placed higher in the hierarchy. Often the most influential people in an organization have their span of influence grossly understated.

I’ve now uploaded all my publications to under The BUZZ/Karen’s Publications…I know original 😉 I will also load up my MBA thesis. As it was a whole year’s work, and seems a pity that (apart from for its evaluation/grading at Henley) I’ve been keeping it all to myself up until now.

Being invisible online won’t help!

I was interviewed by The Hindu newspaper last week and this is the resulting article published yesterday 🙂

This is the version with photo.

Become a savvy citizen!

The BCS is running a campaign called Savvy Citizens. ‘Savvy Citizens’ helps people become savvier in how they access, understand and manipulate information in today’s information society. You may find it worth checking out, you will find some useful information and tips there. Especially if you are one of the many in UK who are trying to work out what this information society hype is all about and keen to learn!

My mum and dad are among the curious and keen, and have both purchased laptops and are attending evening classes to become PC/Internet savvy… which is pretty cool. So check out this url mum and dad, a special link for you: my tip to savvy citizens that I contributed on protecting children online using technology 🙂

The Hindu – Virtual Shadows book review

Virtual Shadows book review in a newspaper called “The Hindu” which is in India? Anyhow it captures nicely the message that I wanted to communicate when I wrote the book 🙂

They have labelled it as “Recommended read to cure oneself of the online phobia. ”

Get to know your plumbing

Another article that I’ve had published in 2009, although this one is available to all online. Name of the article is Get to know your plumbing: Protecting your organisation from leaking soft information. Enjoy 🙂