Measuring influence

One of the tweets I received at @virtualshadows was from ‏@rushkoff an article on how to find the world’s most influential thinkers. I was intrigued by this because the subject of my MBA thesis was on finding the ‘influencers’ within an organization. They normally were not the managers, or those placed higher in the hierarchy. Often the most influential people in an organization have their span of influence grossly understated.

I’ve now uploaded all my publications to under The BUZZ/Karen’s Publications…I know original 😉 I will also load up my MBA thesis. As it was a whole year’s work, and seems a pity that (apart from for its evaluation/grading at Henley) I’ve been keeping it all to myself up until now.

Headhunters want to link

I was interested to see a posting on one of the groups that I belong to on LinkedIn “I want to increase my connections, please send me an invite to connect if you are interested”. It was a headhunter.

Talk about connections!

I almost fell over laughing when checking my linkedin profile this evening and saw the section “viewers of this profile also viewed….” Barack Obama President of the United States of America! LOL….. well it is only a 2nd degree connection but still… talk about cool connections!