10 Ways To ‘Fix’ Cybersecurity?

Yeah sure!
As always David Lacey is ahead of the game. I agree wholeheartedly with his appraisal of the Forbes article on cybersecurity….

DDOS attacks in Sweden

The DDOS attacks, impacted the availability of the websites of train operators SJ, as well as those of south Swedish public transit operator Skånetrafiken, Region Skåne, and Sweden’s alcohol retail monopoly Systembolaget.

A group of 16 year olds have claimed responsibility, but this is not yet confirmed. No reason yet apparent on why this was done. Perhaps a disgruntled customer? More in English here.

If you have any updates, opinions on whats behind this, please post, I am very interested!

Cyberattack $45 million stolen

How can this happen? I guess PCI DSS is not working, although it is the prepaid debit card companies themselves that have been exploited. Apparently they are less secure than other financial institutions? But are they not financial institutions per se themselves?

They are not naming the Visa and Mastercard prepaid card companies in the US that were compromised. I wonder why 😉

I find it amazing that after the first attack in December, that there was an identical one in February. It seems to be that the ring leaders were caught, but what about all the hackers sitting behind this operation? I am sure they are still out there hacking away and getting away with it.


Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISA) is not aligned with civil and privacy rights of the individual according to privacy advocates such as Electronic Frontier Foundation and Avaaz.org.

Neither Microsoft or Facebook support this bill. Imagine that everything you post on FB to be available for government authorities? Fine if you trust them I suppose, but I don’t.

Why is not crowdsourcing used more in the fight against terrorism? Transparency and the power of the people, of whom most want a safe society could provide an all encompassing safetynet. Crowdsourcing for example is starting to be used to locate missing persons and children, it is very powerful. There are so many people out there that can make a positive difference to this broken world we live in.

No surprises……you are being hacked by your government!

Everything you do online is probably being hacked/surveilled by your government. This includes, activities on Facebook or any social networking sites, Skype conversations, chatting, texting from your mobile phone, anything that is stored or transmitted digitally.

Companies are now selling, and they are selling hot in all countries, of-the-shelf hacking and surveillance products to governments… all in the name of national security. These tools have been used by middle-east during unrest earlier this year. There was a secret conference held in Dubai earlier this year that was not open to the public, and reporters were not welcome to attend sessions. Read more here.

Santa hacked

OMG Santa Claus has been breached, go here to read more on this terrible news! Thanks to David Misell for bringing this to my attention 🙂