HP Enterprise Security – this is what we are about!

I just love this video clip prepared by our security marketing guys 🙂

Power of information

HP has been in the process of buying Autonomy an organisation that specializes in surfacing patterns in unstructured information and how it is used. Note, that I don’t say “organising”. What Autonomy does is different.

Did you know that TPM is here today, and has been ….

Did you know that most PCs and servers being shipped today have a TPM?
But what does TPM mean in simple terms. Well it’s easy. TPM uses OpenID for single sign-on and a trusted chip, that has a trust relationship with a service, application or another hardware device (in the cloud for example). The user authenticates to the machine and the OpenID service provides single sign-on to trusted services. Authentication is provided at the hardware level. Listen on the following link…

Trusted Computing Module – a simplistic explanation

A simplistic description of what TPM does from the Trusted Computing Group.

Trusted Computing Module (TPM) overview

Not a really quality video, but the content is an interesting insight into the challenges of developing TPM.