RFID keyrings issued to Swedish children

Just listening to Swedish news on TV and seems that all Swedish children in Nynashamn kommun are being issued with RFID key-rings that cause the bus stop where they are waiting to flash in a special way so that motorists know that children are there and can slow down.

Have you bothered to configure your privacy settings on Facebook yet?

If you haven’t taken the effort to configure your privacy settings on your Facebook account, now you have a good motivator to make you feel it a priority. Not only is your profile information public, and has always been if you have not configured your privacy settings, but now your profile along with 100 million others have been mined and structured and made available online. Read more at bbc news.

Surveyed whilst you pray

Just heard on the radio that they are planning to install surveillance cameras in the churches in Sweden.

looking guilty at the airport?

I missed a flight with a baby in tow just end of July, and wondering how well I would have passed this test after having no choice but to wait in Stansted airport the whole day before I was allowed to check in ;-(

The quality of time

Occasionally I am writing a post that is more personal than professional, and today is one of those days. Over the weekend a member of my new family, that is the amazing Swedish family that I married into some years ago left us at the beautiful age of 84 (or something near ;-)). I say beautiful, because in the short time I knew Rune, he gave me hope and aspirations for the future. He was full of energy and interest in everything in life. When he talked about the past, it was with passion, always funny things never anything negative. He walked 1-2 hours every day, or he roller-bladed or skied when up in the Swedish mountains, and it is these times I remember best!

I remember the many times on the ski lift that we were often together, and how he used to talk about everything, he was so full of life! We used to race each other on the ski slopes… for a Brit I’m not so bad … however I remember one time when we were skiing down the slopes hot on the heels of my viking husband (who is wicked on skies), when I lost Rune, he took another route and I continued on the track of this red hed man, when, it felt like slowly, I understood why Rune had taken another track as I hit a jump and was flying in the air, skis still attached to my feet.

You know its amazing how time can change its character when the situation is so. I must have been up in the air just seconds, but I had time to think about lots… like: umm that was stupid, looks hard down there, oh it is going to hurt when I land…… Well it was stupid, it was hard and it did hurt… however what is so funny is that for some reason I have these thoughts linked to Rune, because he wasn’t there with me at that moment in time because he knew what was coming.

Smart man. I will miss Rune. He was a man that only remembered those things that gave him positive energy in his life.. and he shared with those around him. He, the same as any of us had less good things that happened to him, but he never talked about it, they weren’t important. For Rune, life was one amazing journey!

Right to transparency for NHS patients

I am surprised that this has not be the case before. After all the EU Directive on DP states that the data subject should have the right to access records held on them, providing the request is reasonable, and this has been codified as the DPA in the UK.

Anyhow good that things are going in the right direction.

Self portrait child pornography

Remember child pornography is more than paedophiles taken images of the victim child, today it is also about the child themselves having taken explicit pictures/videos of themselves, prompted by a paedophile, that can later be used to blackmail the child to be involved in some sexual act! Read more at BBC News.