Winter has come ;-)

Here in Sweden when I say winter has arrived, Swedish say, nooo it is Autumn. Yet it is zero degrees during the night, frost on the ground in the morning, and for me I have a very regular sign that winter has started and that is the trip switch in my house. Every winter without fail it trips and the heating stops working. We call in the electrician, or heating expert whatever to get it fixed. I even know them by their first names 😉

My dear husband is not home tonight, so the house temperature had dropped to 18 degree centigrade, hoping the electrician will call by soon, I lit a fire, and here I am thinking that winter has arrived, sat in front of the wood fire burning, wearing long johns (or long Mary’s in my husband’s view, he believes in sex equality :-)) and a warm fleece top and woolly socks, fine Celtic music on the cd player. I am drinking a glass of fine white wine, and thinking how fine life is, as imperfect as it may be…

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