DVA Northern Ireland lost personal information on 6000 learner drivers

Opps I missed this one, came out the week preceding Christmas. The British government is having some interesting publicity this year!

The Driver and Vehicle Agency in Northern Ireland has admitted to losing the personal details of over 6,000 drivers. Two unencrypted discs sent to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in Swansea have gone missing in transit said the Northern Ireland agency. Read more….

Thanks for 2007 and Merry Christmas!

Hi, a quick post to wish all of you that have found time to make a visit to my blog during 2007 a Merry Christmas! A special thank you if you commented on some of the topics that I post on! It gives me inspiration to post more! I appreciate meeting you ‘virtually’ or ‘physically’ or both. It has been a very cool year and 2008 is sure to be even better!

Here is a Christmas picture. My home in the snow 🙂

Stripping PII

You know that stripping PII (personal identifying information) from data collected on us for statistical or other reasons is not as clear cut as we may have been led to believe. Removing PII should theoretically provide no link to our identity. It is however safe to say that for the aggregate of this stripped data the same cannot be said. The link although may not be direct is nonetheless a link of sorts, in the form of a ‘dormant identity linkage’. There has been an interesting study done at Carnegie Mellon University (Uniqueness of Simple Demographics in the U.S. Population) that those of you interested in this subject matter maybe be interested to read.


Yes Herman is the new member of our household. He is not home yet as I have been in NYC the last week working on an assignment. Herman is an iRobot. The first time I heard about Herman was from a friend in Geneva that had an iRobot to cut his grass a few years ago. Then as I was flying over to NYC last Sunday I read one of those funny brochures, you know with all these strange stuff that Americans buy. Do you know you can even buy stairs for aging dogs? It’s so cool, and then I saw Herman. That night in my hotel, I dreamed of Herman (yes he was called Herman in my dream) and he was in my kitchen, cleaning.

Hence I told my work colleagues who set about finding Herman during my stay here in NYC! I want to thank Tari and Jack for helping me to find him. Now is to see that he gets home safely, break the news to my husband that we have a robot in the family now, and make sure Herman feels at home on arrival LOL 🙂

Online data-mining

An interesting survey…..

“About half of the online adult population has looked up themselves or someone else online, according to a survey released Sunday. A good 36 percent said they have searched the Web for someone with whom they’ve lost touch, and 9 percent have dug up information on someone they were dating.”


Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

Just as today in my work I carry out Business Impact Analysis, Risk Analysis and Compliance Assessments, now has come out something called a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). This comes as no surprise to a lot of us working in this area. I am pretty pleased that this has been developed. Although clearly there is bound to be still some work/tweaking to do, I do think it’s a pretty good start. Link to press release follows:

“UK’s first privacy impact assessment handbook has been launched to help organisations address the risks to personal privacy before implementing new initiatives and technologies”

Teleworking :-)

Click on picture to get full effect!
You know since I’ve changed job within HP I’ve been working a lot more from home i.e. Teleworking…..thanks to Stefan Romell for this picture 🙂