Creation – sleep well

I am just going to go to bed, and this is so nice for the mind.. beauty and simplicity.. I will sleep well tonight :o)

Video killed the radio star :-)

I must say there are some things that I am not sorry to say goodbye too….the British soap tv series are such a bore… what a waste of time, all those 1000s of people just sitting there 3-4 times a week vegetating their life away in front of the tv… good!

“Today EastEnders (the famous British soap) is menaced by something far more dangerous than a rival show and way deadlier than any serial killer dreamed up in a script meeting: the digital revolution that’s wreaking global havoc in industries as diverse as broadcasting, newspapers, magazines, film and music. Challenged by technologies that allow anyone to read news, watch TV or listen to music on a bedroom computer (or to make these things oneself for consumption by other people on the same computer), these businesses are frantically scrambling to reinvent themselves. EastEnders must now fight for an audience not just with other terrestrial channels but with cable and satellite stations, while younger Brits spend more and more of their time trawling online sites like YouTube and Facebook. Mark Byford, the BBC’s deputy director general and the Corporation’s head of journalism, says there’s a noticeable “falling away” of large swathes of TV viewers who are “under 35 and especially under 25.” The BBC derives 78.5% of its $8.5 billion income from an annual license fee of $275 payable by any household equipped to receive TV; in return, it’s obliged to cater to all ages and socio-economic groups. “In a world of fragmentation, a world of more choice, of a revolution in how people are accessing content, one of our big, big challenges is to hold that reach,” Byford says. Read more….

Blogging and digital cocktail parties..?.

What do you think? I really think this analogy is a bit of an over exaggeration, digital cocktail parties indeed, can someone or something digital throw a piña colada in my direction please… 😉

“Yesterday the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) presented a number of recommendations on how to improve data privacy at Social Networking Sites (SNS) at the eChallenges conference in The Hague. These networks were like digital cocktail parties, at which one met many people, partook of copious amounts of alcohol and after which one was liable to wake up with a terrible hangover the next day, ENISA writes in its first detailed position paper (PDF file).” Read more…

Big brother is in Ontorio too!

Ontario’s privacy commissioner will investigate whether installing thousands of security cameras in Toronto’s transit system would breach riders’ privacy. The project calls for up to 10,000 cameras to be installed in TTC subway cars, buses and streetcars, on top of the 1,500 or so currently in place. Read more….

Security Issues and Recomendations for Online Social Networks

Wow look at this issued by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA)! Thanks Ralf!

Why Microsoft overpaid for FaceBook

I just think they were damn smart. I agree with this quotation:
“…once Facebook goes public sometime in the next year or so. One thing’s for sure, however: the dotcom bubble just got bigger than ever. Get ready for another wild ride.”

Been there once… and looking forward for another!