Truste Privacy Seals

I have been seeing more and more the use of the Truste privacy seal. Yahoo/Flickr for example refer to this in their privacy statement. They are still collecting PII and using it for research, but they do not sell it. Of course it still doesn’t prevent them from using our PII to create profiles, strip our information of PII and attach these profiles instead. Well we can’t have everything….

The TRUSTe seal means that the company whose Web site we are visiting takes our privacy seriously. They monitor the compliance of member businesses, provide an arena for us to file privacy violation complaints, and make sure these complaints are heard.

I like this. Not perfect, but something that we can all understand. So check out for the Truste seal before sharing your personal information. It’s better than nothing…..

One thought on “Truste Privacy Seals

  1. If a Privacy Seal is incorrect, comes with plenty of disclaimers, or is a fake how is this better then nothing? In fact that would create a fake aurora of safety, trust.

    Were nothing might leave some internet users the fools that they are, and other more careful users safe. As they are now most trustmarks are counterproductive.

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