Identity Linkage and Privacy

I’ve published an article in ISSA (April 2007). If you are not a member of ISSA and want an electronic copy -of just my article- leave a comment on this posting.

In the article I’ve discussed the problem of privacy as regards to each of us as individuals. Particularly as today we are posting publicly personal information on ourselves our friends, family, etc. I’ve tried to formalize this problem by introducing a model that depicts how information residue that we leave out on the Internet can at some time have an impact on our reputation in the physical world. I’ve called this problem the ‘identity linkage continuum’.

It’s just a start, maybe there is some research being done in this area. Would be interesting to know…..

One thought on “Identity Linkage and Privacy

  1. Anyone wanting a copy of this article that are not a member of ISSA can send a mail direct to myself on

    The copyright I signed means I cannot unfortunately make it available online.

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